Buy 2 Beer Kits At Midwest Receive A Free BYO Subscription

Midwest Supplies is running a cool promo. If you buy any two Extract or All Grain Recipe Kits, you will receive a free one year subscription to Brew Your Own magazine. You need to enter promo code BYO into the coupon field after adding

midwest supplies coupon


Midwest Supplies Background

Midwest Supplies was purchased by Northern Brewer in 2013. The website and brick and mortar store in Minnesota are still operated under as an independent brand, although prices and products tend to mirror those found on Northern.

Brew Your Own Magazine

BYO is a must have subscription for any serious homebrew fans. The quality information and graphics are what make this magazine. The magazine launched in 1995. They have since had a spin off magazine dedicated the wine making called WineMaker. Both these magazines offer a free one issue trial. The catch is that if you don’t remember to write cancel on the invoice and mail it back, you are charged $25 for the next five issues. I hate the prevalence of these questionable marketing tactics in the print magazine industry. It reminds me of the old BMG cd subscription programs where you could get the first cd for a penny and they would keep sending and billing you for additional cds at $24.99 for the rest of your life. OK, it might not be that extreme, but the free one year subscription from Midwest Supplies is still a far better deal.

What Are Some Other Good Beer Magazines?

DRAFT Mag is another excellent magazine devoted to beer. The difference in DRAFT and BYO is that DRAFT has less of a focus on homebrewing. They still have some amazing art and well written content.

Beeradvocate is another excellent choice for any brew lover. It has the same more generalist flavor that DRAFT has. The great part about Beeradvocate is that a one year print subscription costs a mere $14.99.

While not a magazine, HomeBrewTalk is the best online forum to discuss homebrewing. It is a great site for everyone from novice to expert. My main knock against them is that their site is seriously in need of an artistic refresh.

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