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Cheap Igloo FRB200 Kegerator

Igloo, the cooler company, manufactures some of the cheapest kegerators on the market. Walmart currently has the Igloo FRB200 6.1 cubic foot, stainless steel kegerator on sale for $389 with free shipping. I am kind of a son of a bitch for posting this because this is really only a discount of ten bucks off the normal price.

igloo kegerator


The point here though is that a decent size stainless steel kegerator can be shipped to your door for less than $400. It is even from a brand that a few people have heard of (not that this means much).

igloo 1


Is the Igloo FRB200 a Good Kegerator?

This kegerator is a heck of a bargain, but I wouldn’t go as far to say it is a good unit. Since it is dirt cheap, many of the parts will look and feel cheap. This includes the flimsy top railing and worthless plastic drip tray. One of the biggest cheap outs on this unit is the 2.5 pound CO2 tank. 2.5 pound CO2 tanks are the bane of my existence because they are pain to fill and cost roughly the same amount as better 5 pound tanks.

That said, if you are in college or broke, you will love the Igloo FRB200. It’s actually a quite spacious machine for the price. It also includes a manufacturers 1 year warranty. I honestly feel more comfortable with a warranty from Igloo than I do with many of the smaller kegerator brands.


This model has a 3.5 star rating with 33 reviews currently on Walmart.

igloo kegerator

About 1/3 of the bad reviews complain about receiving a dented or damaged unit in shipping. This is a huge problem in general with ordering a big appliance off the Internet. Fortunately, you are safe if you are ordering from Walmart. Associates don’t even look in the box 90% of the time I bring an item back to them. If you have the time and the ability to move such a large product, you might opt for ship to store. It is more likely to arrive in good shape and you can inspect it before ever leaving.

Are There Cheaper Kegerators?

The KRS-2100 by Nostalgia Electrics has gone on sale for $299 a few times during the Christmas season. It is not a good kegerator though unless you don’t mind making some modifications. Walmart also has a different Igloo model for $349. It is a kind of odd design though that makes me a little wary when combined with the fact that it has 0 reviews. Here is what that model looks like:

igloo kegerator 3

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