chrome plated kegerator tower with 1 faucet

Chrome Plated Kegerator Tower With 1 Faucet On Clearance

If you are planning to build a kegerator with a mini fridge, we have a great deal for you today. Micromatic has a 2.5 inch chrome plated tower with one faucet on clearance for $51.83.

This is a better looking tower than what ships stock on most pre-configured kegerators. For comparison, a similar stainless steel faucet on costs $79.99. That is a savings of almost $30 on one component.

chrome plated tower micromatic

What Does Clearance Mean In This Case?

This tower and faucet is brand new. Micromatic simply had too many sitting on the shelves. These components are going to be in great shape. The worst case scenario is that you might want to polish it to make it shine on the top of your kegerator. You also want to be more careful when buying clearance products from most companies because they can’t be returned, so make sure this item fits your needs. This policy is by no means unique to Micromatic.


Tell Me More About Micromatic

Micromatic has been around for ages. The great part about Micromatic is that they actually manufacture many of the components they sell. In fact, most kegerator conversion kits sold on other beer websites are actually from Micromatic. They manufacture and sell a weird range of products including industrial closed systems. While this might seem far afield for a company that sells a ton of beer and kegerator related products, I take it as a great sign about their quality. Industrial grade products need to be able to stand up to heavy use. If a company can survive and thrive selling to commercial companies, you know that they make a quality product.

How Can I Make This Better?

My favorite modification for a kegerator is to use a desktop computer fan to force cool air from the mini-fridge into the tower. This is an easy and cheap modification that will keep you from having to throw out beer that got warm in the tower. If you are interested, here is a helpful DIY video on YouTube.


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