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Kegerator.com 10% Off Coupon

Kegerator.com has a 10% off coupon. The code is WELCOME10. While this code has long been available by signing up for their email list, this is the first time I have seen it work without having to click a link from within an email. If you combine the 10% off coupon with the up to 25% off available on the site, you can save up to 35%.

kegerator.com coupon


Good Deals

The 5.2 cubic foot Danby KEGSS already has a $50 off code applied. If you stack the 10% off coupon, the price with shipping drops to less than $450. This isn’t my favorite kegerator since it won’t hold over-sized kegs. It is still a heck of a good deal at this price. Automatic defrost is my favorite feature since it will save the owner a ton of work over time. The comparable price on Amazon is more than $100 more ($565).


extra 50 and 10


danby kegerator

If you were a stickler or keenly observant, you might note that the model number is slightly different on Amazon. You would be right, but it is the same kegerator as the one listed on Kegerator.com.

Other Deals

If this coupon happens to be expired, look at the Danby DKC5811BSL at Home Depot. It costs $499, but it is a larger 6 cubic foot kegerator capable of holding all full-sized kegs. It is currently my favorite low-cost kegerator. The advantage of ordering it from Home Depot is free shipping to store. You can inspect the unit for dents before ever taking it home. Home Depot also has a far more generous return policy than any of the online only stores.

danby kegerator

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