red bottle capper

Red Bottle Capper For Five Bucks

Northern Brewer has a Red Bottle Capper for $5.03. The regular price for this model is $16.99. Reviews are stellar with a 4.5 star rating after 41 submissions.

This is a high quality twin lever capper. Leverage is increased through the use of springs and a magnet holds the cap in the correct place.

How Does This Deal Compare?

This deal costs less than half of what a comparable bottle capper from MoreBeer! costs. Google Shopping still has the Northern Brewer price for this model listed at $16.99.

bottle capper comparison

How Is This Useful?

Even though Kegbooty is devoted to mostly to the art of kegging beer, we realize there are times you will want to bottle your homebrew. This tool makes putting the cap on your newly bottled beer easy.


Are There More Reviews?

An identical looking capper is available on Amazon for a little over $16. There are over 135 reviews for that version with a 4.5 star rating.

red baron bottle capper


What Other Options Exist?

You can buy a bench capper to bottle beer, but you would be looking at spending more than $30. The reviews also aren’t nearly as good as the twin-lever red capper from Northern Brewer.

bench capper


bench capper 2


Bottom Line

The Red Bottle Capper from Northern Brewer is a great deal at $5.03. You would be paying about 30% of what it typically costs. This capper also has remarkably good reviews both on Amazon and on Northern Brewer. The only slight caveat is the $7.99 standard shipping rate. You will want to bundle a few other items with your purchase to minimize the impact of shipping costs. Otherwise, this isn’t that great of a deal. Fortunately, Northern Brewer has the best selection of homebrewing supplies on the Web. It won’t be hard to find plenty of fillers you need or at least want.


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