Buy a Danby DKC146SLDBSDDS Kegerator for Less Than $350 Shipped

OpenBoxDirect (part of the company) has a scratch and dent Danby DKC146SLDBSDDS on sale for $349.30 with free shipping. The new version of this kegerator is currently $579.95 shipped on Amazon.

danby kegerator amazon

DKC146SLDBSDDS Kegerator Specs

  • 5.2 cubic foot capacity. This is large enough for most full-sized kegs, but not large enough for over-sized kegs from Miller, Coors, and Yuengling
  • Stainless steel door
  • Tower, faucet, C02 tank, drip tray, safety rail, and casters included
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Weighs 92.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 33″ H x 20-3/4″ W x 23-3/4″ D
  • Reversible hinged door allows adjustment to open from either side
  • Automatically defrosts. This is one of my favorite features that frequently isn’t included in kegerators at this price point
  • Scratch resistant surface (must not have worked great in this case)

What Does Scratch and Dent Mean at OpenBoxDirect?

Unfortunately, OpenBoxDirect doesn’t provide pictures. With a kegerator, you can generally assume that the unit was dented in transportation. This is common when shipping these larger appliances. If your wife demands that everything looks perfect in your house, this isn’t the right purchase for you. If you plan to put the kegerator in the garage anyway, this might be a great option because who the hell really cares if it has a dent while sitting in the garage anyway. OpenBoxDirect will work with you if the unit doesn’t work. They will not accept returns if you say that you made a mistake or it doesn’t look right in your place. These factors are part of why you are saving $200 buying a scratch and dent unit.

Who Else Sells This Kegerator?

  • Abt sells this model for $553. They only have one review, but it is four stars.
  • Home Depot sells a 5.2 cubic foot Danby with a different model number for $404.10 with free ship to store. If you like this model, but are wary of scratch and dent products, buy it from Home Depot. You will pay about $80 more after tax. It will be a safer purchase though.
  • Walmart and Costco used to sell this model. You still might look at the Costco site to read additional reviews. I personally am a little bit of a review junky. I try to weed out most of the people complaining about shipping related issues. I also discount most DOA reviews unless they dominate and people complain about bad customer support at the same time.

What Are The Best Alternatives?


Personally, I would rather pay a little more to buy a kegerator that will fit all full-sized kegs, including over-sided kegs. In this regard, I like buying the Danby DKC5811BSL online from Home Depot with free shipping to store. The problem is that after tax you are paying almost $200 more than the scratch and dent unit I initially proposed.

If you are a DIY type, your best alternative is to buy a kit from Micromatic. You can see our comparison of the best three Micromatic conversion kits. For as little as $106 bucks, you can purchase a conversion kit with everything you need. If you combine that with a free refrigerator or one for $100 off Craiglist, you have a more versatile machine for less money. It is also becoming increasing popular to make a chest freezer into what is called a keezer. I have seen keezers people have built with up to 6 faucets. Would you be in beer gluttony heaven? I would. The biggest issue when using a keezer is you need to be very strong or have help lifting heavy full kegs into the freezer. That’s a nothing issue for some people but a project killer for others. Keep in mind you will need finesse roughly 160 pounds into just the right spot. I can tell you from experience that the hand railings on the side of the shells start to dig into your hands after no time.

nostalgia-electrics-krs2100 kegerator

The Nostalgia KRS-2100 tends to go on sale every year at Walmart for right around $299. The problem with that deal is that it isn’t available all the time. The KRS-2100 is also a fairly crappy kegerator. They use a beveled door to make the unit capable of accommodating most full-sized, but it is still too small for over-sized kegs from Miller Coors. It also uses a shorter 3 foot beer line that can lead to foam issues. It can be replaced for a couple bucks. A lot of people don’t want to fool with hoses though. It also comes with a weak 90 day warranty and 2.5 pound C02 tank. If you make reasonable upgrades to the KRS-2100, you have often spent more than $500 after you factor in parts and labor and you are still left with a small kegerator.

Hope this helps in your quest for the ultimate kegerator deals. If you have alternative suggestions, please feel free to use the comments section. We usually don’t care if you add links with the intention of helping people find the best deal.

Save $145 On KC2000SS Equivalent

The “equivalent” part of my title might throw you for a loop at first. Let’s start by talking about how a smaller company like Edgestar works. They send buyers to factories in China to find products to label as their own. In essence, the company is a middle man and not a manufacturer.

How Does This Benefit Me?

This realization means if you are interested in a particular model product you can more effectively run a price comparison if you know the other brands selling that product. A lot of Edgestar products are also sold under the Chinese brand Midea.

The Midea WHS-199BS1 is sold for $384 with free shipping at Walmart. The Edgestar KC200SS costs $529! That is a savings of $145 or 27% by simply knowing how the game is played.

midea kegerator


Prove It

When searching for the same product with a different label, start by looking at the general appearance. Since 60% of kegerators look the same, go to the dimensions.

Midea Dimensions: 33.50″H X x 20.1″W X 24.80″D

KC2000SS External Dimensions (w/ tower): 48 1/2″ H x 20 1/10″ W x 24 13/16″ D

At first it looks like they might not be a match because there is a huge difference in height. The reality is that the KC2000SS lists height with the tower while the Midea does not. The other two measurements are an exact match.

Next look at the weight of the Midea HS-199BB on Newegg. It is listed as 81.6 pounds.

midea on newegg

Now look at the weight of the KC2000 on It is also listed as 81.6 pounds.

kc2000 weight

Given that this is a rather obscure weight to arrive at randomly, you can rest assured that the Midea HS-199BB is the same as a KC2000 and Midea WHS-199BS1 is equivalent to the KC2000SS.

Is There a Catch?

It looks like the Midea versions might not ship with a CO2 tank while the Edgestar models ship with a 5lb CO2 tank. It would be weird to ship a kegerator without a tank, but it also weird to not mention one in the description if you do. You can buy a CO2 tank on sale for $50 or you can buy one any day of the week on Amazon for $65. Even if you have to buy a new tank at full price, you are still saving over $80. Keep in mind though that both the KC2000SS and WHS-199BS1 are too small for oversized kegs from Miller, Coors, and Yuengling.

5lb co2 tank 2

You Have Sold Me on the Midea. Where Do I Click?



midea kegerator 2

Cheap Igloo FRB200 Kegerator

Igloo, the cooler company, manufactures some of the cheapest kegerators on the market. Walmart currently has the Igloo FRB200 6.1 cubic foot, stainless steel kegerator on sale for $389 with free shipping. I am kind of a son of a bitch for posting this because this is really only a discount of ten bucks off the normal price.

igloo kegerator


The point here though is that a decent size stainless steel kegerator can be shipped to your door for less than $400. It is even from a brand that a few people have heard of (not that this means much).

igloo 1


Is the Igloo FRB200 a Good Kegerator?

This kegerator is a heck of a bargain, but I wouldn’t go as far to say it is a good unit. Since it is dirt cheap, many of the parts will look and feel cheap. This includes the flimsy top railing and worthless plastic drip tray. One of the biggest cheap outs on this unit is the 2.5 pound CO2 tank. 2.5 pound CO2 tanks are the bane of my existence because they are pain to fill and cost roughly the same amount as better 5 pound tanks.

That said, if you are in college or broke, you will love the Igloo FRB200. It’s actually a quite spacious machine for the price. It also includes a manufacturers 1 year warranty. I honestly feel more comfortable with a warranty from Igloo than I do with many of the smaller kegerator brands.


This model has a 3.5 star rating with 33 reviews currently on Walmart.

igloo kegerator

About 1/3 of the bad reviews complain about receiving a dented or damaged unit in shipping. This is a huge problem in general with ordering a big appliance off the Internet. Fortunately, you are safe if you are ordering from Walmart. Associates don’t even look in the box 90% of the time I bring an item back to them. If you have the time and the ability to move such a large product, you might opt for ship to store. It is more likely to arrive in good shape and you can inspect it before ever leaving.

Are There Cheaper Kegerators?

The KRS-2100 by Nostalgia Electrics has gone on sale for $299 a few times during the Christmas season. It is not a good kegerator though unless you don’t mind making some modifications. Walmart also has a different Igloo model for $349. It is a kind of odd design though that makes me a little wary when combined with the fact that it has 0 reviews. Here is what that model looks like:

igloo kegerator 3