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Kegerator Co2 Regulators For Your Keg Beer Refrigerator

Co2 regulators, for your keg beer refrigerator, are the devices on your kegerator that read how much Co2 pressure is in your system. Typically two gauges make up the regulator, an output pressure gauge and a tank pressure gauge, are used to identify how much pressure is in your system. The output pressure gauge, on the Co2 regulator, tells you how much pressure is on in the keg itself (see picture) and the tank pressure gauge tells you how much pressure is left in the Co2 bottle.

Co2 Regulators for Keg Beer Refrigerators
This picture shows a tank pressure gauge only. A tank pressure gauge will only indicate how much pressure is on the Keg; NOT in the Co2 cylinder.

Having only a output pressure gauge Co2 for your keg beer refrigerator can create some problems if you do not have a back up bottle of Co2. Since the output pressure gauge is only associated with the pressure in the keg you are not given any warning to when the Co2 in the bottle has depleted. Thus, if you only have one output presure gauge and NO tank presure gauge, it is wise to have a second Co2 bottle as a back up when the pressure is lost on the beer and you have to quickly make the change before the beer goes flat. Pressure lost on the beer can lead to bad flavor and pouring problems. Output presure gauges should read, at most 60psi. Gauges that read higher than this are difficult to adjust accurately and may not read the precise pressure you need. So be careful and keep a secondary Co2 cylinder on hand.

On the other hand some keg beer refrigerators have two Co2 gauges, and besides an output pressure gauge regulator they also have a high pressure tank gauge to read the amount of gas in the bottle. This high pressure gauge should be used in systems that do not have a back up bottle of Co2 so there will be enough warning to get a new bottle. Always replace the bottle once the pressure on the tank pressure gauge begins to drop and nears the red area of the high pressure gauge. When this happens replace the bottles with a recharged one and you will not lose Co2 if the bottle is changed before it is empty and you will prevent pouring problems that waste beer. So be careful and keep pressure on that keg beer refrigerator !

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