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Kegerator Conversion Kits For Sale. is based in Ohio, the heart of America's beer drinkers! We LOVE kegerators and created this website [and update regularly ] to help fellow beer drinkers build their own inexpensive kegerators. On this website you can learn to build your own, buy a pre built kegerator or contact us with questions [see our form below]. Thanks for visiting!

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We know the economy is tough, but don't cut back on drinking,
build a kegerator and save $5.00 a case! Learn to build yours here.

Here at we pride ourselves on being helpful and responsive to all of our visitors questions and comments. If you have a general question about kegerators, are interested in buying a keg beer conversion kit, or have already bought a keg beer conversion kit and have question please feel free to email us via the form below. We'll get back to you as fast as we can and a lot of the times within one day in regards to your keg beer conversion kit questions.

Many times kegerator conversion kit questions can be answered by visiting our Keg Beer Conversion Kit FAQ page.

If your question relates to building a keg refrigerator please see our How To Build A Kegerator page.

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