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 Have Fun Drinking For Cheap: Buy a Kegerator

It’s a fair question. "Why should I buy a kegerator?"

Kegerator Conversion Kits Are
Less Than $130 Dollars

Because it is:
1. Fun,
2. Saves You Money and
3. Helps the Planet!

1. You'll have more wild times with kegs of your favorite beer flowing on tap. When you party with friends and a keg, nothing stands in the way of good/plenty of stories in the morning - NO "Last Call - Then Go Home" from the bartender : )

2. Kegs save you hundreds a year and potentially thousands. You'll save $5.00 a case, see our math on this page and can keep you off the roads late at night when cops are looking to pull people over. What's a DUI cost now, $2500 +.

Kegerators do have some cost. The electricity you'll run with a kegerator is minimal, we calculated it over 3 summer months and it was less than $4 a month - but we saved on buying food in bulk and used the freezer as storage. To fill your CO2 tank is around $10, this will last roughly 4 to 5 kegs before it needs refilled (at your local welders shop). Other than that, just the purchase price of the kit, used refrigerators are free or less than $10 at your local appliance store.

3. Keep glass, bottles and cardboard out of the landfill. Do your part, even your mom would approve of less waste! The keg itself is returnable and when you use glass instead of plastic cups you make even more of a difference. Impress your next date with your environmental consciousness - and send us pictures! .... we'll maybe. Loves Kegerators!
We information and 'how to's - including how to build your own kegerator @ home, maintaining the freshness of beer on tap, the history of kegs and pictures for your next party poster.

You can always contact us and we'll gladly answer any questions you have on buying kegerators, installing kegerators, managing draft beer or anything else

Each week, on Sunday, scours the internet to find the best deals on kegerator conversion kits.

This Weeks Cheap Deal :
Try these guys out they ship fast and are VeriSign protected.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Thanks! Happy Kegging.

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