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How to Build A Kegerator Step 1

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- It's important to save money during these tough economic times.

Learn How To Build A Cheap Kegerator And SAVE Over $5.00 Per Case of Beer.

Example: Kegs vs. Cases

One keg of Bud Light: $74.00
(165 beers) = $.44 per 12oz glass.

One case of Bud Light: $15.99
(24 beers) = $.66 per 12oz glass.

A savings of over $5 PER CASE OF BEER !

Each keg = 6.8 cases.

So, you save OVER $35.00 just by drinking beer from a keg.

Why pay more for beer than you have to?

Think about how much beer you and your buddies drink? What if you could put 5 dollars back in your pocket every time you bought a case of be

And the best part is building your own keg conversion kit is that it's easy. If you can you drill a hole through the door of a refrigerator, you can build a kegerator!

Just follow these easy steps and you will be drinking cold beer out of your home built kegerator in no time. Please note that owning your own home built kegerator can cause serious envy among your friends and peers.

The instructions for a basic keg conversion kit include only a few easy-to-follow steps and it’s not that hard and WELL worth the efforts.


It's as easy as drilling a hole through the door of a refrigerator!

(How To Convert a Refrigerator to a Kegerator):

Step 1 –
Acquire a refrigerator
for your Keg Conversion Kit.

The essential piece to every home built kegerator is the cooling unit. You can either use a refrigerator or a freezer to be the cooling unit of your new kegerator. We highly recommend a refrigerator to help simply the process over a freezer.

When assembling your keg conversion kit finding an old/used fridge can be a good cost effective measure to creating your home built kegerator. Many appliance centers will accept your old refrigerators if you buy a new one, thus this is a good place to find an old/used refrigerator to make a keg fridge. Usually, used refrigerators cost between $50 - $100 depending on condition, so go visit a few appliance places and find the best deal. Or, just ask around, many times people have old refrigerators left from when they upgraded and never got rid of the old one.

Remember, we want this to be a CHEAP kegerator, so spend the time and find a deal. And while a new refrigerator will probably last you longer than a used refrigerator, an old classic will make up for that in character. For instance, go ahead and paint your home built kegerator with your favorite school colors, add some cool photos or perhaps pop rivet on some of your favorite old beer signs to the front of the fridge. Anyone can own a brand new white Kenmore, however is that as interesting as scarlet and gray kegerator kit with a big Buckeye in the middle? Be creative, you decided what is best for you and your party needs.

Step 2 : The components you'll need to Build a Kegerator. Continue ->


Kegerator Save You Money
If you drink Labatt the savings are even more. This sucker paid $50 dollars more than someone drinking Labatt from a kegerator.

Advice: When buying your refrigerator for your home built kegerator you must be sure to purchase one that is the right size. Please refer to the this page for dimensions of a standard keg. (However remember to add an additional 5 inches to the height measurement in order to compensate for the shank on top of the keg.)










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