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 Assembly of your Keg Beer Conversion Kit
In Less Than One Hour Step 3

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1. Location. The most crucial step of assembling your beer kegerator will be to find the appropriate location in your home or apartment for the beer kegerator.

Advice: Remember you'll have to carry the kegs from your car to the kegerator. This is no small task however two guys or one guy (or girl) with a hand cart (?) can easily do the job. In any event, if possible, keep the kegerator on the first floor of the house.e.

Also, keep in mind that "distinguished guests" have the tendency to drop in unannounced. Try and use a back room that can be closed off if mom and dad decided to stop on by and check up on your college education.

2. Decorate Your Refrigerator. At this point you get to customize the outside of your keg refrigerator with paint, posters and pictures. If you purchased a used refrigerator clean out the keg refrigerator well and get it ready for the keg. We recommend a light bleach solution.

Advice: Be creative. You can always paint over your previous paint job if you don't like it.

3. The Keg Shelf. Next determine if you will need to create a platform at the bottom of your keg refrigerator. Most refrigerators have a motor compartment in the back that will need to be accounted for in order to make enough room for Kegerator Shelf the beer keg to fit height wise into the refrigerator. And remember to keep an additional five inches of clearance for the coupler.

Advice: Keep one of the old shelves from the refrigerator and use bricks or lumber to prop it up. Be careful you'll have a lot of weight on the shelf, so secure it well.


4. Drilling The Hole. You've done it! You are in the home stretch! You have now come to perhaps the most difficult procedure in the entire beer kegerator building process and that is drilling a neat hole in the front of the keg refrigerator for the shank to slip through. The procedure is not really that hard, but take your time and remember to think first. At this point it is a necessity to ensure your refrigerator does NOT have any cooling coils where you will be drilling. Almost ALL refrigerators have cooling coils on the side walls thus, don't drill there. Most NEW refrigerators and high end refrigerators have cooling coils in the door thus, don't drill there. However, most old refrigerators you buy have no cooling coils in the door so check the owner’s manual and investigate before you drill or you run the risk of ruining your refrigerator.

First, you'll want to measure out where you want the faucet. We recommend about 4 or 5 inches down front the top of the door. Here you'll want to use the 3/4" hole saw to make the hole through the door for the shank to fit through. Now go SLOW and take your time while drilling and wear a pair of safety glasses. The process of drilling the whole in the refrigerator door will sound like hell but is worth it. Just keep at it.

Keep in mind that you have a 2 1/8 inch flange to put around this hole to completely hide the outer edges of the opening if it gets a little gnarled. If it doesn’t turn out perfect don’t worry about it. So now your beer kegerator should be located in the perfect party spot – have a hole drilled in the front and be ready for the complete keg beer conversion kit.

Advice: Don't for get the most important piece of this puzzle... the keg of beer. Send your buddies to go pick up a keg while you are working on the kegerator so you have something nice and cold to slip into your new kegerator when the construction is finished. And while it will be tempting please keep power tools and alcohol separate.


5. Assembly. Follow the steps in Step 2 that detail the items you will need for construction. First,

beginbyassembling the shank through the door and attaching the flange, faucet and handle on the exterior of the kegerator. Next, attach the CO2 hose and beer line to the sankey paying VERY CLOSE attention to the "IN" (the CO2) and the "OUT" pressure (the beer). If you hook this up backwards the keg could explode.

Next, assemble the regulator and you are now within seconds of enjoying ice cold beer at pennies per glass. Carefully place the keg on your new shelf and attach the coupler. You may have to wait a bit while the keg settles if your buddies rough housed it out of the truck and into the house.

Advice: Place a thermometer inside the kegerator and keep close eye on the temperature. When asking the keg distributor about the P.S.I. recommended by the brewer also ask him about the temperature to keep the keg at. These are both vital to maintaining good tasting draft beer.

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