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Kegerator Faucets

There are three basic types of beer faucets

1. First, the typical faucet you see on most kegs such as the one pictured here.Typical Keg Faucet

2. Second, the "Hand Pump" you usually see at events or parties where the keg is expected to be consumed in one day and does not need a CO2 system.

3. Third, is the euro kegerator type that is most common for dispensing Guinness. And unless you plan on serving Guinness on tap at home, the best choice is the first faucet mentioned; the typical faucet.


A Quick Note On Guinness on Tap.

Cleaning a Keg Faucet


If you occasionally serve Guinness or a similar product on tap at home, the euro style faucet will work on all beers if you remove the little disc from the plastic output spout. The disc has 5 tiny holes in it and serves to release what little C02 Guinness has, giving it the special head characteristics. When dispensing a low C02 level Guinness type beer

through the disc it takes a lot of extra pressure, usually 20 to 30 psi. Using pure C02 will ruin the beer at this pressure. If you dispense using the euro faucet with the disc, most breweries suggest 25% C02 / 75% nitrogen "beer gas" at 30 psi.

Faucets must be cleaned at least every two weeks. The faucet spout is exposed to air and will pick up a lot of wild yeast growth, it has to be cleaned regularly. If you have a home keg setup you must invest in a cleaning kit that comes with a faucet wrench and a faucet brush.

If you are interested in a kegerator conversion kit please click here.


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