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 Kegerator Line Length and Restriction

Your kegerator system's restriction controls the flow rate of the beer from the beer faucet. Essentially most of the restriction comes from the beer line and gravity.

Now if you system has a lot of vertical rise or fall (up and down) gravity has a .5 lb/ft of restriction. The best way to determine the right length of line for your kegerator is to take the ideal pressure (call the manuractorer of the beer), add 5 then divide by the line's restriction value per foot. Then if the beer pours too slow for you, shorten the line 6" at a time.

Example: Molson Canadian kegerator line length

Molson recommends keeping thier beer at 36 degrees F.
(You can call the brewery and ask for any of this information)
Molson recommends 10 psi at 36 degress for the beer you are serving.
Typically your line wil have 3lb/ft of restriction.
10psi plus 5 (to slow) = 15.
15 divided by 3 (line restriction value) = 5 ft of line.
The kegerator needs 5ft of line at 10psi.

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