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Kegerators For Sale : They will save you money.

The Kegerator Savings Math : Kegs vs. Cases

Purchase Price
Price per 12 oz
Case of Labatt Blue $17.99 24 (12 oz servings = $.74
Keg of Labatt Blue $80.99 165 (12 oz servings) = $.49

Total Savings


$.35 per 12 oz

So, 24 beers from a keg would only cost you $8.40! That's a savings of $9.59 per case!

You'd save over $65.00 buy drinking from a keg rather than cases!

A kegerator conversion kit cost, $130.00 + a used refrigerator ($20.00 - FREE if you take some time to call your local appliance dealers). Total Kegerator cost = $150.00.

You' have your kegerator paid off after 2.3 kegs!


Additional Savings!

° Eliminate countless trips to the beer store and save on gas. It was one thing to make a trip to the store when gas was cheap....but now it costs $40.00, $50.00, sometimes $60.00 plus to fill up your gas tank. Do you really want to spend MORE money on GAS?

° And lets not forget how many DUI's we hear about. You can help avoid the yellow plates, big fines and embarrassment ....drink at home with your kegerator.


What are you waiting for - Kegerator Kits $130.00. Continue Below.