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Maintaining Quality Of Kegerator Conversion Kits.

Five things must be done to maintain the quality of the keg refrigerators.

1. The first is to prevent oxygen from entering the keg .
If your keg is going to last more than two days you must use CO2 to pressurize the keg. Hand pumps are
not OK for anything other than one night long parties. We have tried ....and it doesn't work.Good Kegerator

2. Second, the beer must be consumed in a reasonable amount of time.
Draft beer is generally only good for 45 days after it is filled. Don't buy a keg to save money if you cannot consume it in a reasonable amount of time, you will be doing yourself a favor to only buy as much beer as you can consume in a week, two at
the most. 1/4 bbls and 1/6 bbls can be a good solution to this. Actually recommends buying smaller quantity for the time between the parties that you need less than a full keg in a week.

3. Third, the beer must be kept cold.
The 45 day expiration date usually assumes the beer will be kept below 40 deg F. Higher temperatures greatly accelerate spoilage. The entire system must be kept cold, from the keg to the faucet. A
good rule is to treat beer the same way you would treat milk.

4. Fourth, the system should be cleaned after every keg or every two weeks, which ever is longer.

Line cleaning kits for home systems are available and usually
cost under $50 - $80.

5, Fifth, you must keep the glassware in very good condition. (For the true beer connoisseur)
If you do not use cleaner designed for bar glasses then beer glasses should be cleaned especially
well and rinsed very well. Always allow them to air dry, do not towel dry. If
(god forbid) you freeze your glasses, don't put them in the freezer 'til they're dry.

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