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Kegerators Save Money

Beer was also meant to be consumed on draught. The best flavor and the ease of going down smooth undoublty comes from a freshly tugged 16oz of beer out of a keg. Skunky bottles and cans are common – however kegerators retain the flavor the beer companies intended their brews to taste like. And for the folks that say draught beer gives

them hang overs – BULLSHIT – they have hang overs because they were having more fun than the last time they drank and kept sipping away as the party kept hopping and the ladies or guys kept looking better. People that make these claims don’t party enough to know what a good hang over should feel like anyway. It’s time to take these people by the hand and show them the brighter way – show them the wild side and show them how to have a good time consuming fresh beer and worrying about the hang over in the morning.

And for god sakes has anyone ever been considered a fool for getting a good deal. Especially on BEER! Consuming kegs is about HALF the cost of buying cans or bottles. With six packs of beer costing around $8.00 the equivalent of a keg would cost an astounding $130.00. However an ice cold keg costs between $65-$73 what an deal!. Wouldn’t your mom be proud – wouldn’t your Econ professor be proud and wouldn’t your future wife be proud to see you saving money and making a good decision.

We at feel the solution to a good time all night long – being environmentally conscious and saving a LOT of money over 4 – 5 – 6 + years of college is easy – install a kegerator. And when college is over take it with you as a memento of college and all the wild times you had and for crying out loud just because the Dean of your college hands you your diploma doesn’t mean you stop partying.