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Serving Draught Beer From A Kegerator.

Like any meal the dishes you serve your food on should be clean. However with a liquid such as beer you must ensure that the glass is ‘beer clean’ to avoid any off taste or strange characteristics. For instance, using petroleum based detergents to clean glassware will leave a film on the glass that will cause the Co2 to break out of the beer; and this is not what the brewery intended. Using the wrong detergents will result in foamy, flat tasting beer with little or no head retention. You will also notice a difference in the kinds of small head that is produced; the foam will look atypical of regular fluffy / symmetrical bubbles. You will also notice that bubbles will cling to the inside of the glass

Another important aspect of serving draught beer into glassware is never to freeze the glasses for several reasons. The condensation inside of the glass will water down the beer when removed from the freezer and will also cause a lot of foam. Most beers were intended to be served between 38 and 50 degrees. Serving the beer from a frozen mug could also numb the your palate and remove much of the beer's intended flavor.

However, keep in mind that like any dish or meal personal preference is important. If you like a cold frosty mug of beer; then by all means have one. The descriptions here are for reference only.

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