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Draft beer is a recognized form of fresh and flavorful beer on tap from a kegerator system. In most cases , this form of beer is served at bars or restaurants as a flavorful and inexpensive beer. However, you can enjoy refreshing, cheap and flavorful beer at home; with a kegerator.

Kegerator Draft Beer

The word draft is comes from the English for the word “draught” which means ‘to pull’ from a cask with a hand pump. Draught beer often refers to beer ‘on tap’ that comes from containers 5 gallon or less. Click here to see other sizes, less than 5 gallons, that keg beer comes in.

The major difference between bottled / caned beer and keg beer is the pasteurization process in the brewery. Keg beer is almost never pasteurized and that means the keg MUST be kept cold, but NOT allowed to freeze. And ultimately this is the way beer should taste; not from a pasteurized can. It is well documented that pasteurized beer, is packaged at very high temperatures that kill the flavor of the beer..

Keg has become a term of used in the 1950s as pasteurised draught beers were replacing more traditional european style cask beers. The quality of the kegging process at the brewery was not as good as it is today, and sometimes the keg beers are referred to as tasting like 'Plastic Beer'. Some beer drinkers believed that chemicals were used to create a foam head.

Despite this consumer concern, keg beer was replacing traditional cask ale in all parts of the europe, primarily because it requires less care to handle. However new, small microbreweries have sprung up to serve those consumers who prefer traditional cask beer. Today many pubs in europe will serve both keg and cask beer.


Drink Fresh Kegerator Beer.Kegerator Draft Beer

The brewers and handlers of beer spend a lot of distribution dollars to keep kegs at the proper temperatures after leaving the brewery. This also includes getting the keg to the consumers within the freshness date of a keg. A keg of beer is usually considered ‘brewery fresh’ between 30 to 45 days after leaving the brewery and it is the responsibility of the product stream to ensure this happens. Ultimately, the result is a much higher quality, brewery fresh taste and body out of the beer served from a kegerator.

Save Money Drinking From A Kegerator.

Draft beer is also a treat most people do not have access to at home. So for many beer drinkers they can only get the quality, fresh, easy drinking flavors from draught beer at bars or restaurants, and beer on tap is excellent. When people drink good beer they have good times; enjoying good beer is essential to a beer drinking experience. When enjoying good beer why should we have to pay more for it? Why not enjoy a quality drink for half the cost? Why not drink from home out of your own draught beer system and pay pennies for the beer your drink, all while avoiding strict DUI laws and penalties? Draught beer saves you money with each beer you drink. Think about the $3.00 (plus tip) draughts you have ordered from a bar before; now think of drinking from your OWN draft beer system and spending only 85 cents – or less - on those same draughts beers. Do your own math per keg and discover how much you can save from pouring your own keg draft beers.

Draft Beer Saves The Planet.

Not only does drinking beer save you money to spend elsewhere, but it also shows you care about the environment. Keeping bottles and cans out of the landfill and recycling centers saves resources. Be kind to our planet and drink from reusable cups. It’s easy, you have plenty of glasses around, wash them and reuse them. Every little effort for the environment helps.

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