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Kegerator Fun Review is one of the best known sites in the kegerator industry. They obviously have a great domain name, but are they a good store? Let’s start with a little background. is the sister company of EdgeStar. The parent company of and EdgeStar is Living Direct Inc. They are based in Austin, Texas. The parent company has been in business since 1999. is the cheapest store to buy EdgeStar kegerators. sells EdgeStar kegerators for the same price as, but you are actually buying the model from, using the Amazon merchant channel. If you are buying brands, such as Summit, Marvel, Beverage-Air, Danby, or Nostalgia Electrics, you can typically find the model cheaper somewhere else.  

What EdgeStar Kegerators Are Good?

The EdgeStar KC2000 and its variants is the oldest model of EdgeStar Kegerator sold on I don’t recommend buying the EdgeStar KC2000. It is an ok unit, but it won’t fit over-sized kegs from companies like Miller, Coors, and Yuengling. The bigger issue is the fact that cheaper versions of the KC2000 can be purchased from the companies with brand names like Midea and Magic Chef. Midea is actually the backend Chinese supplier to EdgeStar. They have started selling the equivalent of the KC2000 to Walmart, and they charge more than $100 less than what charge. They might be slight variations in terms of the regular, tower, and C02 tank. Still, the base model is the same for less money.


The EdgeStar KC3000 is a good kegerator at a decent price (when it is in stock). Capacity is the #1 selling point of the KC3000. It can hold any full sized keg, including over-sized kegs used by Miller, Coors, Yuengling and a few other brands. It also has a cool external LED temperature reading. This is more neat than practical since you will be able to determine pretty quickly after a few sips if your beer is at the right temperature. The mini-fridge used for the KC3000 is also a higher quality unit than what is used for the KC2000. The competitor most comparable to the KC3000 is the Kegco K-309B. The EdgeStar variant sells for $699 shipped, while the K-309B sells for $775 after shipping. The Edgestar model is a better deal. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, they have had trouble keeping this model in stock. This can be interpreted as good and bad. It is great that the model is selling so well they can’t keep it in stock. It is awful because you can’t buy one for seven hundred bucks and have it at your house in three days.


The EdgeStar KC7000 series is considered a super premium kegerator. It has top of the line features only previously found in commercial kegerators. The biggest obstacle with the KC7000 series is price. The cheapest single faucet model starts at $1449. The price goes up to $1900 dollars for outdoor versions with three faucets. I don’t have to tell you that this is a hell of a lot of money to drop on a kegerator. That said, this model has some awesome features. To start, it looks great. Every visible surface is covered in high quality stainless steel. This gives the unit a beautiful high-end appearance. It has an air cooled beer tower. By pushing cool air into the tower, there is less spoilage from beer sitting and warming in the tower. If you have ever owned a cheaper kegerator, you are likely to see the immediate advantage of not having to throw out a beer or two when you start using the keg again because of spoilage caused by a warm tower. There is a lock on the door. If you are a wild party animal or using the kegerator in commercial applications, you can keep your yummy keg beer safe until the keg is tapped. The last major advantage of the KC7000 line is automatic defrost. Some cheaper lines of Danby have automatic defrost, but this feature is typically reserved for higher end models. If you have ever experienced the pain of lugging a refrigerator outside to let the accumulated ice thaw, you will instantly understand how valuable and time saving automatic defrost is. Automatic defrost is most useful for people who plan to continuously use the kegerator or those who plan to store the kegerator in an area where moving it, even on casters (wheels), is a pain. Customer Service customer service is based in the United States. This is a big selling point for many who have had to battle with a CSR in the Philippines or India who only feels empowered to work from the script provided. Unfortunately, their customer service is incentivized to not take returns. For this reason, they will haggle with customers a lot, particularly if the unit arrives dented. There are also numerous report of their support being downright rude and refusing to escalate calls to a manager or insisting that a purchase needs to be returned for “buyer’s remorse.” The company charges a 15% restocking fee to cover shipping costs and make the customer pay return shipping if the purchase is returned for buyer’s remorse. It is also important to know that you need to keep the original box if you need to return the kegerator for any reason. The cost of a new cardboard box is far more than anyone expects, and this fact frequently leaves a very sour taste in customers’ mouths. Overall, I would give their customer service a C rating. Stick to your guns and think about why it is their fault and how they need to fix it before calling the company. If you think it out beforehand, you should be fine. They are reasonable, but they won’t bend over backwards for you like Amazon.


Return Policy

The standard return policy is 60 days. This does not mean will pay the shipping costs if you return the product within 60 days. It simply means that they will accept a return within that period minus the 15% restocking fee. You will also have to pay return shipping if the reason is labeled as buyer’s remorse and you must supply the original box or that is another substantial fee. The return policy is ok, but you need to know the terms well before sending something back. Stated another way, you will be fine if you know what to expect and know how the game is played.



Fast shipping is an area where excels. Their website provides an accurate estimated time of arrival. Keep in mind most of their kegerators ship out of a distribution center in Texas. The closer you are to this center, the faster your item will arrive. That said most customers receive their purchase within a few days. This is an impressive turn around speed for such a small company.


Other Products

In addition to kegerators, they sell beverage refrigerators, homebrew equipment, glasses, and tailgate party equipment. The homebrew offerings are the newest edition to the mix. More established companies, like Northern and MoreBeer, have better selections at this point, but is ramping up quickly. While sells conversion kits, you will always find a better deal through the manufacturer direct pricing at Micromatic. Most companies just sell the Micromatic conversion kits anyway.



Despite the aforementioned negatives, is a good company if you know which products to buy and understand the return policy before making a purchased. For better and worse, they are not going to deviate from their standard policies. You can use this to your advantage or you can lose a lot of money if you make a poorly considered purchase. Since you are on our site, I assume you will go into the purchase well informed and come out happy.