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Micro Matic is one of our favorite stores. They are the manufacturer of the number one selling line of DIY kegerator conversion kits on the Web. As such, their prices on these kits are almost always the lowest, and that is why we love them.


Top Micro Matic Conversion Kits

Before buying a conversion kit, you first need to determine whether you want to do a refrigerator door conversion with a faucet or a mini-fridge conversion with a tower. Refrigerator conversions are easier for most people. A keezer conversion with a chest freezer uses the same faucet based –kits.

The Value Kit (Model KCK-LC-V) is a great choice if you already have a C02 tank. It costs $106. A single gauge regulator is included. This model uses a D coupler for North American beers. When buying a kit, make sure that you pay special attention to the coupler. Elation can quickly turn into anger if you discover that you bought the wrong one for your favorite beer. Besides the C02 tank, the other common item missing from this kit is a drip tray. I personally find drip trays just as much of a pain as cleaning a few drizzles from the floor. Drip trays can also get gross if you aren’t good about cleaning right away. If you like the drip tray, the standard kit for $132.25 (Model KCK-LC-S), is a good choice. Keep in mind the $132.25 version still doesn’t include a C02 tank. If you like the Value Kit but need a C02 tank, you should consider buying the RCK-V. It costs $165.

The next step up is two keg conversion. If you love beer enough to build your own kegerator, you might as well have two beers on tap. Micro Matic offers a standard kit without C02 tank (Model RCK-LC-S2) or with C02 tank (Model RCK-S-2). They also have a premium two keg kit with (Model RCK-LC-SG-2) or without (RCK-SG-2) C02 tank. Premium kits include a nice cleaning kit with convenient pump bottle and a more elaborate drip tray with a backsplash. While the premium two keg conversion kit with C02 tank starts getting pricey at $402, the standard two keg kit without C02 tank is still a very reasonable $223. Keep in mind welding C02 tanks and beverage C02 tanks are the same. Just make sure the tank is clean and the seals are good.

If you plan to convert a mini-fridge into a kegerator, you will need a tower conversion kit. This is where the tower rises from the top of the refrigerator. The cheapest value kit (Model RCK-LC-VT) without a C02 tank costs $139. The value kit (Model RCK-VT ) with a five pound C02 tank costs $199. Both these kits include a single gauge regulator and chrome plated three inch diameter tower. If you want a standard tower conversion kit, you will pay $224 without a C02 tank and $284 with a C02 tank. One of my minor complaints with Micro Matic is their pricing doesn’t always make sense. The cheapest tower conversion kits cost more than the cheaper faucet conversion kits. This pricing strategy reverses as you go to the premium kits. The top of the line premium two keg conversion kit for a full-sized refrigerator is $402, while the premium two keg kit for mini-fridges is only $367.


Other Products

Micro Matic manufactures and sells a weird assortment of products. In addition to a myriad of beer focused lines, they offer wine and water dispensing kits. The oddest product lines are closed chemical systems for commercial use. My theory on this is that if you can make systems well enough to safely store chemicals in commercial settings, you will probably do a pretty good job building a beer system. It’s also worth noting that Micro Matic does commercial beer systems for bars and restaurants.



Shipping speed is fast. They have four geographically targeted distribution centers in the United States (California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida). Most orders placed in the morning ship out the same day. Customers near the distribution centers usually receive their purchase in 1 day. Customers farther away from the distribution centers can expect 2-3 day delivery. While shipping costs are not included in the initial price, it is cheap and likely subsidized. For example, UPS ground for a 2 keg conversion kit with C02 tank is only fifteen dollars. Another big advantage of Micro Matic is their willingness to fulfill international orders. A lot of U.S. based kegerator companies don’t want to deal with the headaches. This is a good sign that they are willing to go the extra mile.


Customer Support

Support is available from 8am EST to 7:30pm EST. Their customer support is courteous and knowledgeable, but as with most companies, it helps to know the terms before placing your order. If an order is cancelled or refused after it has already shipped, a 20% restocking fee is charged with a ten dollar minimum. The customer also has to eat the shipping charges. These policies seem steep, but I’ve honesty never had to cancel an order out of thousands of orders I’ve placed online. If you find yourself consistently canceling orders, maybe you need to reassess your ordering process. Sales tax is charged to customers with shipping addresses in CA, FL, IL, NV, PA, TX, NY, WI, MA, WA, NJ, MN, OH, VA, SC, NC, GA, MI, and MO.



Micro Matic is the preferred store if you are looking for a kegerator conversion kit. They manufacture most of the conversion kits sold on the Internet. Their prices are low the equipment is top notch. They are also a good choice if you are looking for commercial equipment for a restaurant or bar. Unfortunately, their prices on pre-built kegerators are not competitive. Shipping is a strong suit. Most domestic orders arrive in 1-3 days. They are also willing to ship orders internationally. Restocking fees are a tad high but you can mitigate this risk by not ordering an item you don’t need. Overall, Micro Matic is a great store with a unique product mix not available anywhere else.