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Midwest Supply Review


Midwest Supplies is arguably the second biggest name in online home brew supplies. The biggest name in home brew, Northern Brewer, actually purchased Midwest Supplies in 2013. Despite being recently purchased, Midwest has kept their namesake website and brick and mortar location. The company is based in Minnesota.



Midwest Supplies is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They registered their website all the way back in 1997. For comparison, Northern Brewer didn’t start online operations until 2005.


Do Midwest and Northern Brewer Charge the Same Prices?

Yes. I have cross referenced numerous products. The base prices and product mix are nearly identical. Northern Brewer tends to be a slightly better overall price because they offer $7.99 flat rate shipping for most products.



If you are looking for the best home brewing software, look at Beersmith 2. Midwest also offer an active forum where you can ask homebrew related questions.



Midwest Supplies has everything a homebrewer needs from his most novice attempts to moderately large scale brewing. Most online homebrew stores can’t make the same contention.


Other Products

Amusingly, the brick and mortar Midwest Supplies store has a large variety of hydroponic growing equipment. You know for your tomatoes and what not.



Shipping is one of the few differentiating factors between Midwest and Northern Brewer. While Northern has cheap flat rate shipping, Midwest shipping rates vary based upon shipping weight. This factor often makes items cheaper from Northern brewer.



Phone: 1-888-449-2739




Midwest Supplies only has on brick and mortar location. The address is:

5825 Excelsior Boulevard

Saint Louis Park, MN 55416