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Serving Quality Beer From A Kegerator.

A kegerator draft system is in many ways like a car or truck. You need many parts in the engine to make the vehicle go; however not all of the parts need to run smoothly for the car to run. And that is the same way with a kegerator draught system. You can have all the required parts to serve beer on tap; however you can be serving off tasting, flat, unappealing less enjoyable beer; if part of the keg system is not working properly. Thus, we will review a few easy methods to keep your kegerator beer tasting fresh and enjoyable.

Also see: Best Ways to Serve Your Beer From Your Kegerator Draught System.

Five Ways To Maintain The Quality Of Keg Beer On Tap.

1. The first is to prevent oxygen from entering the keg .

Your keg of beer must be kept pressurized with CO2 or else you will lose all quality flavors in the beer. The beer will go flat and develop a ‘metallic’ flavor that tastes awful. So it is essential you use a CO2 system to keep pressure on your beer inside of the keg . You can use a standard hand pump on a keg that will be consumed within 24 hours. However, to keep your keg beer in your kegerator fresh for any extent of time you must have an efficient running CO2 system. Our kegerator kits come with the instructions you will need to set up and maintain a quality Co2 system to keep your beer tasting the freshest.

Keg Born On Date
Born On Date Tag - Most of the time the born on date is stamped directly onto the top of the keg. NEVER buy a keg that is older than 30 - 45 days.

2. Second, the beer must be consumed in a reasonable amount of time.

Draft beer is generally freshest with in 30 to 45 days after the beer has been shipped from the brewery. Most kegs have the ‘born on ‘ date stamped on the top of the keg or on a piece of paper attached to the keg. Keep this in mind whey you go to buy the your keg from the distributor never buy a keg that is 'older' than 30-45 days or else you run the risk of buying bad beer that you can't return. And don't buy a keg to save money if you cannot consume it in a reasonable amount of time, you will be doing yourself a favor to only buy as much beer as you can consume in a week. Another alternative is to buy smaller 1/4 keg barrels and 1/6 keg barrels which can be a good solution to enjoying quality, flavorful beer . Actually recommends buying smaller quantity for the time between the parties that you need less than a full keg in a week. ( Like the picture of the kegs below. )

3. Third, the beer must be kept cold, but not too cold - Kegs WILL Freeze.

The 30 - 45 day expiration date usually assumes the beer will be kept below 40 deg F. Higher temperatures greatly accelerate spoilage which can lead to an off taste. The entire system, including the hoses, must be kept cold, from the keg to the faucet. A good rule is to treat beer the same way you would treat milk. Another tip here is don’t go over board and freeze your keg. This can lead to problems too. The characteristics of beer in a keg that has frozen are foamy servings. Beer itself will not completely freeze, the water within will freeze at 32 degrees, however the alcohol won't freeze. (Alcohol actually will freeze at -173 degrees Fahrenheit). So be careful with you keg. We at KegBooty have frozen a few kegs transporting them from the keg store and regretting leaving them in the back of our truck at sub 0 degree conditions. We now put them in seat belts in the front of the truck when the temps get too cold.

Kegs Freezing
Be careful! Kegs left for too long in cold conditions can lead to freezing thus foamy beer.

4. Fourth, the system should be cleaned after every keg or every two weeks, which ever is longer.

Line cleaning kits for home systems are available for between $30- $80 dollars. Please click here for more extensive discussion of keeping your kegerator clean and serving fresh beer.

5. Fifth, you must keep the glassware in very good condition.

(For the true beer connoisseur – we don’t actually do this ourselves – a bit extreme)
To achieve the freshest beer a cleaner should be used designed for bar glasses and rinsed very well. Always allow them to air dry, do not towel dry. If you freeze your glasses, don't put them in the freezer until they're dry. The extra condensation that freezes will water down your beer when you serve your first draught. Click here to learn more about how to properly serve beer out of a kegerator.

If you are interested in a kegerator conversion kit please click here.

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